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Local specialties & wood art from the Ore Mountains

Welcome to our shop for local specialties and wood art from the Ore Mountains.
Here you will find very exquisite articles that touch all your senses, which are lovingly handcrafted and made with a long tradition. Just things that are something special and make life more beautiful. You can only find a Schwibbogen connected to home here on our website. Very popular motifs are the Frauenkirsche in Dresden, the castle in Moritzburg, the Freiberg Cathedral and the Weißeritztalbahn. The Erzgebirge region not only lives from its traditional craftsmanship in modern design, but also offers a lot in terms of cuisine. Enjoy the extraordinary specialties from the fine distillery or taste the variety of mustard and vinegar. The coffee roastery provides the pick-me-up to start the day and the chocolate factory sweetens the evening. Wine and sparkling wine from the slopes of the Elbe is an ideal companion for the festive occasion.
Erzgebirge / Ore Mountains
The Ore Mountains region is rich in history and traditions. To preserve them, the mining region was included in the UNESCO World Heritage.
Mining has shaped this region for more than 800 years and this can also be found in the craft sector. Whether it's the candle arches, the smokers or the pyramids, everything tells of the miner's work underground.

In mining, ore washing is a work step to separate the ore from the unusable rock. The soap collection arose from this mining tradition. These natural soaps should reflect the ores mined in the Ore Mountains. The Erzwaschen natural soap collection is therefore a piece of world heritage to give away or to try for yourself.

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ABC pens - box
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Smoking Witch House
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Smoking Witch House
12,00 EUR*
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Bit by bit we got in touch with manufacturers who practice regional and traditional handicrafts. Starting with a coffee roastery in Dresden. We offer the coffee packaged or freshly ground with a piece of cake in the shop. With a Coswig winery, we have found a partner where every wine lover gets their taste. The range was expanded with sparkling wine this year. With great enthusiasm and also an impetus for this website are the candle arches of the cities - collection for the category wood art. Here, popular local motifs are recorded for the Schwibbogen in cooperation with the respective city. To name a few; Schmiedeberger Church, Cologne Cathedral, Rabenauer Church, the Weißeritztalbahn, the castle in Tharandt, Castle Burgk in Freital, Castle Weesenstein, the Frauenkirche in Dresden, the castle in Moritzburg, the Fassanenschloß in Moritzburg, the dam in Klingenberg, the cathedral in Freiberg and many more ... All motifs are available as a candle arch, window picture, tealight holder, lantern or tree decoration. The wood art also offers the opportunity to be creative yourself, for the whole year we also have various handicraft sets on offer. These can be painted in bright colors depending on your mood. We searched intensively for partners in order to be able to offer something for every taste on this page. So we were able to win sweet products, chocolate bars and chocolate chips from the Saxon chocolate factory for this site. During our search we discovered a distillery with very fine gin, liqueurs, schnapps and brandies. We tried it ourselves and were blown away by the smell and taste. The art of burning is masterfully and lovingly implemented here. Almost at the same time, we added the mustard and vinegar varieties to the program. For us it was also an educational journey from a culinary point of view. Have you ever tried mango mustard, fig mustard or cranberry mustard? You will be surprised. And first of all the vinegar, what different types of wine there are. We would never have thought of some combinations, but they are delicious. As the latest addition to the product and with its own category, soap. We have searched and found each other. Visually, we were blown away by this piece of jewelry. Of these scents such as lemon, apple, rosewood, orange, cinnamon and the scent of fir, you have something to the last bit. You can feel the love in making this soap.


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